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Below are sermons from our worship services and from Rev. Guy’s radio broadcast “Listen For God” which was aired on WBNR and WLNA  in Upstate New York.


“After…The End”

“Alive and Well”

“Almost, But Not Quite”

“Alot Can Happen in an Upper Room”

“Animals of the Bible”

“Are You A Thief”

“Are You Losing It?”

“Are You Ready to Commit”

“Arise and Eat”


“BaBa’s Kids”

“Bad Choices”

“Bad Raps (The Story of Thomas)”

“The Battle May Be Hard But The Victory Is Certain”

“Battling With The Flesh, Part I”

“Battling With The Flesh, Part II”

“Battling With The Flesh, Part III”

“Been There, Done That”

“Being Friendly vs. Being a Friend”

“Be Patient”

“Be Patient and Watch God”

“Be Stronger Longer”

“Be Stupid If You Wanna”

“The Benefit of the Doubt”

“The Blind Man’s Testimony”


“Can You Hear Me Now”

“Christ Is Not Divided”

“Compromising God’s Will”

“Conquering Anxiety and Depression, Part I”

“(Tips for) Conquering Anxiety and Depression, Part II”


“Dead Sleep”

“The Designated Decoy”

“Don’t Ask A Question You Can’t Stand the Answer To”

“Don’t Blame Me”

“Don’t Count Me Out”

“Don’t Get Angry, Get Right”

“Don’t Love The World Or The Things In The World”

“Do Not Fear”

“Don’t Wait Any Longer”


“Elijah’s Great Victory”

“Escape While You Can”

“The Eulogy”

“Every Dogs Has His Day”


“Faith or Foolishness”

“Faith Principles, Part I”

“Faith Principles, Part II”

“Faith Principles, Part III”

“Flirting With Sin”


“From Prayer Warrior, to Merchant, to Thief (Selling in the Church)” 


“Galilee: A City of Refuge”

“Get Ready For A Change”

“Give’em A Break”

“Go and Sin No More”

“God First”

“God Is Able”

“God’s Love Doesn’t Always Feel Like Love”

“God Will Not Be Mocked”

“Good Days vs. Bad Moments”

“Guilty With An Explanation”


“Happy Independence Day”

“He Can Handle It”

“He Is Risen”

“Hell Is Not OUR Destiny”

“Help Fight Truth Decay”

“Here Now, There Later”

“Hold Your Peace (then say what HE tells you to say)”

“The Holy Trinity, Part I”

“The Holy Trinity, Part II”

“The Holy Trinity, Part III”

“The Holy Trinity, Part IV”

“The Holy Trinity, Part V”

“The Holy Trinity, Part VI”

“How Can I Be Sure”

“How Can I Say Thanks”

“How In The World Did I Get Here”

“How Quickly We Forget”


“I Got A New Attitude”

“I Was Wrong”

“I Wouldn’t Do That If I Were You”

“If You Can Use Anything Lord You Can Use Me”

“I’m Exhausted”

“I’m On My Way”

“I’ve Dropped My Anchors, Now I’m Waiting for the Day”

“Is There Hope For Us”

“Is This A Dream”

“Is This The Start of Something Big”

“It Has Begun”

“It’s Time To Go Home”


“Joseph Had A Gift”


“Know What Is Scripture and the Holy Spirit…an What’s Not”


“The Law and Grace, Part I”

“The Law and Grace, Part II”

“The Law and Grace, Part III”

“Let It Go”

“Let Our Light Shine”

“Looking out for Others”

“The Low Sodium Christian”


“Make A Wish”

“Make God First…and don’t have a close second!”

“May I Have Your Attention Please”

“Medicine For Life”

“Moving On”



“No Guarantees”

“No Right Answer”

“Now What”


“Our Flesh is the Problem”


“Possession Does Not Mean Ownership”

“The Power of Music (Live)”

“Prepare for the Race, Not for the Win”

“Prepare Yourself For Worship (before you get to church)”



“Ready, Willing and Able”

“Relax…It’s Just God”


“Showing Ourselves Friendly…to Everyone”

“Stay In Your Corner and Cheer For Jesus”

“Stick Around”


“Take Me Back”

“Tears Have A Purpose”

“That One Thorn”

“That Ain’t My Problem”

“That’s A BIG If, Part I”

“That’s A BIG If, Part II”

“That’s Incredible”

“The Truth Will Make You Free, Part I – Sayings that Sound Good, but…”

“The Truth Will Make You Free, Part II – Levels of Understanding”

“This Is Not My Child”

“Time Management”

“Timing Is Everything”

“Turn and Live”


“Unwanted Guests In My House”



“We Are Galilee (a city of refuge)”

“Willful Sin”

“What Do I Still Lack”

“What Kind of B.S. Is That?”

“What Makes Us Different”

“What Really Matters”

“What’s YOUR Heaven Like”

“What’s Your Job?”

“When I Shut Up Heaven”

“When You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do”

“Where Is Your Faith”

“Words Matter”



“You Got What You Deserved”

“You Have Not Because You Ask Not”

“You Matter”

“Young Leaders, Be Led By The Holy Spirit”

“Your Ex Wants You Back”

“Your Labor Is Not In Vain”


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